Coming Soon: A Music Video with The Friendly Savages!


Lots of you have been asking what I’ve been doing all summer since I’m not teaching and my internship doesn’t start until September. I’ve spent a good chunk of that time working on fundraising, but I’ve also been free to work on a few projects like this one.

Malcolm (the one holding the banjo and staring into your soul) is my community group leader, and soon after we met we started talking about music video ideas for his band The Friendly Savages. He called me up last week because he went on a (barefoot) walk in the Greenbelt and found the perfect spot for a live performance.

This is my first music video so I was thrilled to work with these guys since the Savages are a great band, especially live. Especially submerged in water.

We scouted out the spot the night before and met up at 6:15 the next morning. As you can see, the water was well up to the band’s thighs. I lost myself in the moment and ended up chest high in the water to get the shot I was looking for. Thankfully, providentially, all of my gear is still intact. Which reminds me, I should really get insurance on it all.

I wanted to go for a vintage feel since I had just seen Moonrise Kingdom for the 2nd time, so I used an old Canon FD lens from the 70s with an adapter on my 7D. I was quite pleased with the look of it, and I snapped the picture above right as the sun was coming out. After about 10 takes, I think the last one was the best, so once the band approves it, and I add some titles here and there, I’ll post it up on the blog.

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