My first month on the job! [with the first installment of “The Story Team Interns”]

Hey everybody! I know it’s so passé to apologize for not updating your blog, but I’ve heard from a few of my supporters asking how the internship is going. I think some of you guys may be worried that because I haven’t been posting on the blog it means I’ve been having a terrible time.

Turns out that the opposite is true because this is literally my favorite job ever. (I may be prone to exaggeration, but I will stand behind this proclamation.) I really am thrilled to go to work on Monday morning and the hours just rush by. I love working with my team, and I love hanging out with the other interns (I’ve been known to wander into “intern alley” to disrupt things when I need a break).

Recently, our intern cohort did presentations on our jobs. The assignment was pretty simple: spend a few minutes talking about what you’ll be doing this year. However, as the filmmaking intern, it seemed like an injustice to do anything other than make a “film” for this presentation. So that’s what Christian (a Story Team Photography intern) and I did.

I spent a lot of time on this, and I feel like it really showcases my obvious gifts as a filmmaker, however I am humble enough to admit that I have some room to grow in my craft. I’ll let you decide for yourselves:

Future posts:

1. My experience on the set of “Last Shot Love”
2. The music video I shot for Friendly Savages
3. What do I do all day?
4. What have I been working on?
5. Meeting Steve Taylor, director of Blue Like Jazz

Supporters, thank you so much for your sacrificial giving! Thank you for making it possible to do what I love for the glory of God!

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