Support Steve’s Ministry

I can’t thank you enough for deciding to support my ministry this year!

The link below will take you directly to the page where you can give directly to my intern account with The Austin Stone. If you are a partner at the Austin Stone who gives to the church using Acceptiva, you will already be signed up and you just need to select the level you’d like to support me.

If you are giving monthly, you are of course welcome to begin your monthly support this summer, but I will not receive a paycheck from the church until the fall. Most of you will want to set up your first gift for the month of August 2012, so that I will receive it at the beginning of September when my internship begins.

I recommend setting it up so that the first gift come out in August of 2012 and the last gift in July of 2012 (12 payments). You can choose whichever date works best to withdraw from your bank or credit card.

Steve Husmann’s Austin Stone Internship Account


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